Equipment for
 Mass Terminations (MTA)
Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC)
Ribbon Cable 
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Lexington, NC
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AMP 2.5 Champomator control module, pn 852423-1
2.5 Champomators
No tooling--Good for parts--Small & large covers 
Amp Pneumatic Pistol Grip Handle pn 58075-1
Amp Champ Butterfly Tool pn 2-229378-3  
24 Pos. Back to Back IEEE shielded
Amp Champ Butterfly Tool pn 229378-3 (Half-Tap Daisy Chain)
MOLEX AM 60114 Hand Tool kit w/AM 60116 & AM 60115 heads
2.0 Champomator PN 230770-1  14-64 Pos.
for parts or parts from it--no shear bars or cable clamp---no controller
2.5 Champomator 354786 for Amplimite 050 with controller pn 852423-1--Excellant condition
Taper Pin Insertion Tool
PN 380306-2 

(811034-2 has beeb sold)
Amp Pneumatic Auto Cycle Unit PN 91112-3
Amp Latch tooling fixture PN 768338-1
with PN 768341-1 Connector Kit----$1500.00